Rolemodel research

Learning from science role models

Career attributes of female scientists on AcademiaNet - the portal to excellent women academics

Funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation, the target of the research project is to analyse the paths of the scientists included on the AcademiaNet internet portal. The study aims to identify the factors related to careers of "excellent" scientists and to use the data to systematically  build "composite" role models.

In the project, the following two research questions are the focus:

1. Which success factors do the excellent scholars of AcademiaNet database have in common?
2. What attributes characterise the role models of AcademiaNet database?

As a result, a better understanding of the success factors of excellent scientists and a novel approach for using the CVs of Role Models for Young scientists expected.

The project is funded by a grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation to analyse entries on the AcademiaNet database of excellent female scientists. The project is conducted in partnership with the Fraunhofer Gesselschaft, who are the co-ordinating partner.