"I felt that I learned so much. There appears to be a revolution in people's conceptualization of sex/gender.  Like all human constructs it is changing... The summit really changed my thoughts. For that I am very grateful.  Thank you for a wonderful summit"
Speaker feedback Gender Summit 3 North America 2013

"The promotion of gender equality is part of the European Commission's strategic approach in the field of research and innovation.  It contributes to the enhancement of European competitiveness and the full realisation of European innovation potential.  In this framework we welcome the success of projects such as genSET, which demonstrate the essential role the EU has to play in contributing to long-term sustainable solutions in addressing gender imbalances in science.”
Robert-Jan Smits - Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission on genSET. Portia co-ordinated genSET as an FP7 project and continues to run it as an independent programme.

“Overall the project [Equalitec] quality is excellent, with high quality products and solutions. Its effects have reached beyond the initial project goals of promoting lifelong learning, increasing workforce diversity in the ITEC sector and improving the employability of women returning to work after a career break. The partnership was outstanding with more the 70 organisations participating. The products are specific and practically oriented and strong impacts have been documented in terms of bother skills development and improved career prospects among women.”
Evaluation Summary, The Keeping on Track Conference, June 2008 on Equalitec. Portia designed and co-ordianted equalitec, a European Social Fund project.

"The multi-stakeholder dialogue promoted by the Gender Summit will help redefine the research and innovation landscape to give women and men an equal role in research and society, as co-owners and co-solvers of Europe’s societal challenges.” 
MEP Britta Thomsen, European Parliament on the European Gender Summit 2012. Portia is co-convenor of the event, primarily responsible for programme development and scientific content.

"The [SET for Sport] event was a huge success, & our students hugely benefitted from the activities & workshops planned, prepared & delivered by yourselves & your volunteers on the day (I definitely think a few of our students are now considering engineering as a career option as a result!). The students fully enjoyed the day and this was down to the support and guidance of the volunteers. Your efforts, enthusiasm and knowledge on the day enhanced our students learning...”
Emma Nichol, School Games Activator, Redborne School Sports Partnership on SET for Sport. Portia developed and co-ordinates the programme.