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University-Industry Interaction (UIIN 2016) logoDr Elizabeth Pollitzer, Director of Portia, delivered a presentation on “Crossing The Valley Of Death By Taking Gender Responsive Innovation Steps” today at the University-Industry Interaction (UIIN 2016) in Amsterdam. people from across all walks of life. A recent review, of how to advance European Research Area (ERA) so that science can more effectively help address important societal challenges through innovation, concluded that stronger research and innovation synergies are needed and can be achieved by promoting a more intense participation and interaction of relevant stakeholders in innovation process. The review considered the role of gender, which has been part of the original six criteria of ERA success, and concluded that in future ERA, the gender dimension requires “expansion” and “rebranding” to achieve the necessary gender equality, diversity and empathy in research, and across all innovation activities. Elizabeth gave an introduction how this expansion and rebranding can be put into practice.  Read Elizabeth’s abstract
3 June 2016