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Gender In Science and Innovation as a component of inclusive growthPortia has published a new report as part of our Gender Summit work. "Gender in science and innovation as  component of inclusive socioeconomic growth"is co-authored by Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, Director of Portia UK, and Prof Heisook Lee, Principal Research Fellow, Center for Gendered Innovation in Science & Technology Researches (GISTeR) South Korea. The purpose of this report is to show how and why scientific understanding of biological and sociocultural (sex-gender) differences between women and men can enhance success of innovation policies that seek to promote socioeconomic advancements through science and technology. The report builds on the work of the previous Gender Summit report, The Role of Gender-based Innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Toward 2030: Better Science and Technology for All, applying similar analytical tools to the OECD policy vision of  “Creating  Our Common Future through Science and Technology”. The focus of this report is on how outcomes of innovation can be improved for women and men through better understanding of sex-gender relationships and interactions. This perspective is different from the traditional gender concerns, which tend to focus on gender inequality and empowerment issues, specifically as experienced by women.

28 April 2016